Germany has long been renowned for its masters' professionalism and the ability to properly select various materials and to manufacture the products of extremely high quality. Metallurgy has always played an important role in the German industry and economy, especially at the beginning of the 20th century, in the background of significant historical events. Gipfel was founded on the foundations of German metallurgical traditions. The invaluable knowledge and experience were acquired from the Zolingen Stainless Steel Masters who became famous for their work based on precision and accuracy and special technologies in the military industry. Therefore, Gipfel is famous for a time-tested quality and its long standing traditions serve the modern people. For many years already we create technologically advanced products that over the years have become especially popular among healthy eating people. In order to build long-term relationship with our customers we are constantly analysing and adapting to the changing needs. 


Gipfel brand has been presented in more than 40 countries, more than 500 single-brand shops have been opened in Eastern Europe and Asia. 

Our exclusivity lies in German top quality stainless steel products allowing you to cook food fast and healthy. 

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