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Home comfort starts with food. Comfort in the kitchen starts with Gipfel. 

We are changing traditional food cooking practices by taking care for our customers‘ health. Delicious, aromatic and healthy dishes are prepared quickly and comfortably. 
Gipfel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of kitchen utensils and accessories. Manufacturing of high quality and functional products was started back in 1997. The design and quality of Gipfel products are based on a long-standing German tradition. A strict corporate identity, starting from the very first utensil to the last collection,

was created by German designers.  More...



Gipfel kitchen utensils are made of high quality eco-friendly materials. Steel 18/10 used for the manufacturing of German Gipfel dishes and cutlery is a unique steel. Marking “18/10” indicates that this type of steel is of very high quality. It contains 18 % of chrome and 10 % of nickel. This type of steel is also known as medical steel and is resistant to corrosion. It would be difficult to find another material that would suit better for the manufacturing of high quality utensils. A unique grey gloss represents an exclusive feature of the products made of steel 18/10. Gipfel pans and pots are also made of other materials. But a double bottom technology equally distributing heat on the surface, preserving heat for a longer time and thus ensuring a shorter food cooking time is a dominant technology. 

More than 150 new products complement the Gipfel product range each year. When creating new collections our designers cooperate with the colleagues from all around the world, the results of various surveys are taken into account in order to adapt the products created to the needs of the consumers with various opinions and attitudes. The Research and Development Department of Gipfel takes into account not only the reliability of the products and their effect on the environment but also their aesthetic look. Most products are very popular in Scandinavian or industrial style kitchens. Gipfel pans have won Red Dot Design Award. 

Gipfel Europe offers for sale high quality, stylish and technologically advanced German products that can be purchased online. There are more than 3000 products in the range of kitchen utensils and accessories. Today it is the largest variety of products in the market. Gipfel pots and pans are very popular among healthy eating people. Our designers are continually creating new collections. In order to ensure a high level of product quality there are several control steps in the production process. The products are sent to stores only following successful outcome of tests. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies installed in the factories large quantities of products of any complexity can be manufactured in a short time.

Most Popular Products

Puodas troškintuvas Elegant
Gipfel Peilių komplektas
Puodas kavai virti Maree


Gipfel Europe has prepared some new products for the summer season when many of us start cooking food in the outdoor kitchen. We have selected cast-iron cookware from a large range of our products. Cast-iron cookware and utilities have regained their popularity among consumers. We offer a wide variety of products for barbecue purposes. Grill sets and picnic suitcases are a great choice for gifts. Both people who consider cooking to be their hobby and professional kitchen chefs will appreciate the quality and durability of the kitchen tools. Various dishes, from fried eggs to roast meat, can be cooked on a bonfire in irreplaceable cast-iron pans. A large WOK pan or a heavy tagine also serve as a stylish home accessory. A cast-iron teakettle is perfect for cozy conversations and tea evenings. 

Ketaus arbatinukas
Gipfel Wok ketaus keptuvė
Grill įrankiai





Should you have any questions about the products or for further information or if you wish to contact us with suggestions concerning cooperation you can always write us e-mail to  admin@gipfeleuropa.lt


GIPFEL – it‘s time to revive your kitchen!

Customers are especially fond of Gipfel pot and pan collection Elegant consisting of 3 size pots with lids and 2 size pans with wooden handle. These are not only functional and comfortable dishes but also a stylish and elegant exclusive element. Gipfel is also known for a long time for a special quality and reliability of its knives. A coffee pot Maree has gained its popularity for its bottom adapted for induction hobs.